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Food and Beverage Management Association

About Us

The Food and Beverage Management Association (FBMA) was founded and registered in Singapore in 1989. Starting out as an avenue for food and beverage professionals to gather, the association has developed into a hub for its members to network, exchange business ideas and practices and support the ever growing food and beverage industry.


Membership Categories



Ordinary membership is open to Food and Beverage professionals in the Hospitality Industry working in Singapore and those who have left for assignments overseas.

EAMs (F&B), Directors, Managers, Asst. Managers and executives of Food and Beverage Departments of Hotels, Clubs, Hospitals, Catering Institutes etc. qualify for ordinary membership and are entitled to vote and hold office in the Executive Committee*.



Associate membership is open to individuals who do not qualify for ordinary membership. This includes (and is not limited to) supply partners who wish to join the Association as individuals, and others in hospitality related industries. Associate members are not entitled to vote or be elected into the Executive Committee.



From time to time the Executive Committee may decide to invite individuals as Honorary Members. These distinguished individuals are recognized for directly contributing to the progress of the Food and Beverage Industry in Singapore, and whose achievements serve as a source of inspiration and guidance to members and all Food and Beverage professionals.



Corporate membership is open to companies with interests in Food and Beverage. Companies can appoint up to 4 nominees to participate in Association events. Please contact us for more information about corporate membership.

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